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Music Team Building. Teamwork at its best

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Team engagement with Purpose

Why a Purpose Jam?

Do you want to nurture more gender equity in your workplace but don't know how? Are there some kinks in your systems and processes that could do with a bit of oiling? Do you have a passionate cause and want to inspire and create impactful change? 


Sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing how to get everyone on the same page with a shared purpose, and while bringing in a corporate consultant is a traditional solution, sometimes it can bring your team  result with a little more fun and heart along the way.

As an exciting new Brand Jam offering, we have partnered with some of Australia's top coaches in key themes to bring purpose and direction to your jam experience. We put these under the umbrella of Purpose Jams.  

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Dene Menzel Creator of Brand Jam tells us about why she created Brand Jam and how the scientific benefits of music can help your team.

What happens at a Purpose Jam?

Set aside half a day at your next training or conference day for this purposeful 4hr jam experience. Here, we bring in expert coaching to dive deeper into purposeful themes relevant and important to your organisational challenges and goals.


From data gathered during your welcome coaching session, your group then works in collaboration with the help of our music and songwriting team to translate key messages into a lyric and music. The output is a powerful anthem that is learned and performed together for deeper personal connection.


Cap off the experience with a coaching de-brief to tie everything together and your team come out of the other side of this jam with a deep personal connection to your brand goals and strategy as well as a united sense of clarity, purpose, energy and readiness to tackle what lies ahead.

Meet the Purpose Jam Crew

Brand Jam has joined forces with some of Australia's leading coaches and Corporate team building facilitators to dive into key themes of Corporate Transformation and Change, Effective Communication, Courageous Leadership and, Operational Systems & Processes to make your Jam experience not only fun, but purposeful and relevant to you and your team.

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Dene Menzel


Dene Menzel is Founder and Creative Director of Branthem, a multi-award winning brand engagement agency in Brisbane specialising in using music to connect brand to people. She brings over 30 years of experience as a musician, songwriter, vocalist and musical director to Brand Jam her team building workshop which turns businesses into bands.

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Sashua Benay

Transformation Coach

Sashua Benay is a Transformation Coach with over 30 years experience in Corporate Team Facilitation and HR. Her nurturing approach to organisational change helps business leaders and teams embrace change from the inside out and work together for greater success.


Cameron Shepherd

Shape HR

Cameron Shepherd brings to Communication Jams a pathway through barriers of communication through to solutions and opportunities for business refinement


Maria Brett

The Growing Edge

Maria is an expert in leadership and organisational development who helps people lead courageously – from the inside out – for impact that really matters.


Michael Fox

Action Advisory

Michael Fox has a passion for helping business owners make the best decisions possible in their operations processes. Having spent the last 8 years consulting in a broad range of industries, Michael started Action Advisory to make process management practices more accessible to small and medium enterprises; empowering leaders and people through continuous improvement.


Your Jam. Your theme

Are you finding it hard to retain your people? Do conversations end up in workplace conflict? Are you looking to refine your processes and systems? Do you want to introduce more inclusivity or diversity into your workplace culture?


Imagine being able to translate a key organisational theme through the power and fun of music to connect on a more purposeful deeper level with your team and that can be understood, welcomed and where your team takes ownership to make it theirs.

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Culture & Communication

Create an environment that fosters clarity, trust, and understanding among your team members, leading to improved collaboration, productivity, and innovation

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Diversity and Inclusion

Nurture a sense of belonging, motivation, and loyalty among your people, resulting in higher job satisfaction, lower turnover rates, and better overall performance

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Effective Leadership

Inspire and motivate your people through a clear vision, direction, and strategy, resulting in better decision-making, goal attainment, and long-term success

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Emotional Intelligence

Build stronger relationships based on empathy, trust, and mutual respect for a more positive and productive work environment.

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Innovation and Disruption

Stay ahead of your competition by creating new products, services, or processes, resulting in higher revenue growth and profitability.

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Mental Wellbeing

Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity and employee engagement for a positive and supportive and successful organisation

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Purpose-Led Strategy

Create a sense of meaning and impact beyond financial returns for increased stakeholder trust, customer loyalty, and employee pride.

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 Transformation and Change

Learn how to embrace risk to increase your organisational agility, innovation, and competitiveness.

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Workplace Personality

Set the tone and theme for your event with a dynamic brand anthem that will have your guests gushing over social media

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Customer Centricity & Sales

Understanding and anticipate your customer needs and preferences for exceptional products, services, and experiences

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Systems & Processes

Improve productivity, reduce errors, and increace customer satisfaction and profitability with more efficient and consistent procedures.

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Operational Performance

Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty and staff retention by delivering products and services more quickly and reliably.

Please read our FAQ to learn more, or contact the team at Brand Jam to find out how we can make your Jam an unforgettable experience for you and your team.

What's Your Jam?

For more event information including how Brand Jam works and pricing, contact our team today to request a copy of our digital event brief

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