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Brand Jam.
Building rockstar teams.

Teamwork at its best.

For years, musicians from all over the world have enjoyed unrehearsed, creative sessions where they just get together and play. They call these 'jam' sessions. For example, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones, and the Queen-Bowie collaboration of "Under Pressure" would not exist today without the 'jam' sessions that inspired them.

Firstly, a 'jam' session requires teamwork and a high level of communication skills. Knowing when to play and when to listen is what keeps all the components together. In other words, when a group can work in sync, this is where the magic happens.

We have connected the collaborative elements of the 'jam' session, with brand purpose into a contemporary and connective rockstar team building experience. We call it 'Brand Jam'.

Brand Jam is teamwork at its best, and the value within the Brand Jam experience will lie in connecting your brand and your people on a deeper level with music.

Listen to some of our work here
As opposed to a cheesy jingle, we write contemporary Spotify-worthy anthems relevant to your target market

Event outcomes

A real output more meaningful than a trophy or a certificate - an anthem that you as a team have created equally which is a mirror of your culture and personality.

Ale to be used to help new members understand your culture as part of their induction, to give your community a glimpse of a human side to your brand on your social channels, to motivate staff at team meetings and internal events. The music and the lyrics created by your own people have the power to uplift your group in the office hallways for years to come.

Here are just some of the benefits and outcomes that can achieved by music collaboration during the Brand Jam and Choir Jam Team Experiences:

Mental Health Brand Jam


Reduced stress and anxiety, boosted happiness, well-being and energy

Brand Purpose Brand Jam

to Purpose

Connection of brand purpose or common goals with individual purpose.

Sense of Pride Brand Jam

Sense of

Feeling of achievement individually and as a group

Creativity & Connection Brand Jam

Creativity and

Ability to share and articulate ideas, especially outside of normal professional and personal roles.

Synergy Brand Jam

Synergy and Collaboration

Working as a team, listening to each other, bringing together individual parts to create something bigger.

Social Conscience Brand Jam

Social Conscience

Transforming your experience into a fundraiser to bring awareness to a worthy cause.

Connect your people.
Reinforce your culture.

Listen to some of our work here
As opposed to a cheesy jingle, we write contemporary Spotify-worthy anthems relevant to your target market

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We're big believers that building and bonding your professional team is not just about us being entertaining hosts to your group for two hours or you simply singing a song, or playing a bunch of instruments alongside each other.


Rather, it is about authentic human connection, and we challenge you to think of this experience not just as a once-off team building event, but as a reminder of the organisational culture you have a vision to build over the long term.

We believe that music has the power to create authentic bonds between brands and their customers that last a lifetime.

Curious to see if we can help you take your brand and marketing to the next level? 

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Want to turn your biz into a band for the day?