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Music Team Building. Teamwork at its best

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Turn your biz into a band for a day

Why a Brand Jam?

Have you ever struggled to get departments in your organisation to 'talk to each other' effectively? Or perhaps your weekly meetings are lacking energy and productivity?


Without cohesive and engaged teams, your business can't perform at its best. Low engagement can manifest into other more visible problems such as staff absenteeism or resignations, low productivity, simple errors, disgruntled customers, and lost revenue.


One of the things we do at Brand Jam is help teams re-engage and reconnect to day-to-day success.


We do this by using music and fun as a refreshing alternative to conventional corporate solutions to authentically bridge disconnection between people within your organisational brand, and create organic engagement.

For years, musicians from all over the world have enjoyed unrehearsed, creative sessions where they just get together and play. They call these 'jam' sessions. For example, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones, and the Queen-Bowie collaboration of "Under Pressure" would not exist today without the 'jam' sessions that inspired them.

Firstly, a 'jam' session requires teamwork and a high level of communication skills. Knowing when to play and when to listen is what keeps all the components together. In other words, when a group can work in sync, this is where the magic happens.

We have connected the collaborative elements of the 'jam' session, with brand purpose into a contemporary and connective team building experience. We call it 'Brand Jam'.

We all know the scientifically proven benefits of music in individuals. Amplify this across your team and imagine what you can create.


What is Brand Jam? 


What happens at Brand Jam?

A typical Brand Jam begins with an an engaging icebreaker to set the tone, and get everyone talking, laughing, mingling and in a receptive mood. Everyone is now energised and ready to start jamming!


Depending on the type of Jam booked, the group may learn and perform a ready-made original song composed by our songwriting team,  compose an original song from scratch with the help of our team on the day that they perform together, or simply jump into a spontaneous group jam for the sheer enjoyment and magic of collaborating musically.


With an optional pre-nominated theme chosen by you upon booking your event, we encourage all participants to bring their own instruments where possible and/or voices on the day to make this as engaging and energised as possible.

What happens at Brand Jam?
What's your jam?

What's Your Jam?

Imagine a music collab where your team could understand a 40 page strategy in less than four minutes. or re-energise with a hilarious body percussion workshop at a Monday morning staff meeting . 

Music is a fun and effective way to get people out of their heads and into a good feeling place, crossing barriers of communication and connecting in a way that no other media can.

From 30 minute Wake Up Brand Jams to epic 4hr Strategic Brand Jams, we are here to make your Brand Jam experience not only fun, but purposeful to you and your team.

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Wake Up Jam

Looking to breathe some life into your Monday morning meeting, or wake up a room full of guests at your next event? Imagine a 30-minute interactive body percussion, hilarious sing-along or rhythmic collaboration activity that will get the whole room involved.

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Branthem Jam

The Branthem Brand Jam is a big dose of musical fun squeezed in 2hrs. Bringing their own instruments or voices, your team enjoy learning a ready-made branded song written just for them containing brand-relevant themes and individual quirks we discover during your pre-event questionnaire.

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Purpose Jam

Set aside half a day at your next training or conference day for this purposeful 4hr jam experience. Here, we bring in expert coaching to dive deeper into purposeful themes relevant and important to your organisational challenges and goals.

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Meet the Creator of Brand Jam

Dene shares her 30+ years of experience in music and business in her dynamic team building workshop Brand Jam.

Dene Menzel is a multi-award winning Australian entrepreneur musician, composer, arranger, speaker, and author. Following a 10 year career running a successful performing arts company and three reputable pop choirs in Melbourne, Dene published her first book, The Voice Factor, a ‘how to sing’ book compressed in 5 easy steps. which became a #1 Best Seller in 4 categories on Amazon in the US and Australia. Since her book success in 2013, Dene has created a number of projects to share her love of music with the world. 


Her 2016 rewrite of Waltzing Matilda led by Australia’s own Kate Ceberano, and backed by 200 singers from over 20 countries for International Peace Day, reached over 30K views across social media and a #1 spot on the iTunes charts.


More recently, Dene is also Founder and Creative Director of award winning music branding agency Branthem which specialises in composing signature anthems for forward thinking brands, as well as turning businesses into bands for a day in a dynamic music team building experience called Brand Jam.

Event Outcomes

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Connection to Purpose

Create a sense of fulfilment and meaning in the lives of your team through connection with a shared purpose

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Social Conscience

Promote awareness and inspiring action towards issues important to the wider community

Branthem phone hold music.png

Sense of

Foster a sense of pride and accomplishment in individuals as they work towards a common goal and create something meaningful together

Team engagement is an investment, and is an authentic way to build brand connection with your valued staff. Contact our team for a free no-obligation quotation to see if Brand Jam is right for your business.

Mental Health Brand Jam


Reducie stress, anxiety, and depression, improving mood, and increasing overall well-being

Creativity & Connection Brand Jam

Creativity & Communication

Express emotions and convey messages without the need for words.

Synergy Brand Jam

Synergy & Collaboration

Bringing your people together and enhance their ability to work collaboratively towards a common goal

Raving Fans

A huge thank you to Branthem for facilitating our session. You guys are amazing. I highly recommend them for a totally inspiring and hilariously fun way to bring a team together!

P. Allen, City of Casey

These guys are fabulous! Helped bring out the inner child in me!

L. James, Flagstaff Garders

Absolutely fabulous! Thank you for translating our strategy into action. What a wonderful workshop!

P. Kelly Paull, Raeco Library 

Thanks a lot Dene! People really had fun today. Really appreciate you making this virtual event fun and engaging!

S. Xu, Rockwell Automation

For more event information including how Brand Jam works and pricing, contact our team today to request a free no-obligation quote

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Want to turn your biz
into a band
for the day?

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