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Branthem is a multi-award winning boutique agency, specialising in Authentic Brand Engagement. Our key focus is to bridge the connective gap between Brand to Customer - and Brand to Employees.

We do this by harnessing the emotive power of music to create and amplify brand messages that are more relevant and real to those people a brand values most.

The clients who engage our services are brand focussed forward thinkers, with a long term vision to grow in reputation as leaders in their industry. They want to be seen and heard above the noise and emptiness of traditional sales marketing and they want to build real, long term customers as well as have a great team of people working alongside them.

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Dene Menzel is a multi-award winning Australian entrepreneur, with a 25 year career as a business owner, musician, composer, arranger, speaker, and best-selling author. Dene is Founder and Creative Director of Branthem.  

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Why we do it

The thing with brand engagement is that it's really easy to get lost in the whole creating a great campaign that you forget who you're actually trying to reach.

At Branthem, we believe authentic brand engagement is not about us - or you. It's about who you're actually trying to connect with - and that is your audience.


Whether you are trying to get more customers, or find new ways to keep your staff motivated and energised, the right message can help you not only connect deeply with you audience now, but for life.

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The maestro behind the music


Dene Menzel, Founder and Creative Director of Branthem - winner of:

2021 Wynnovation Pitch Competition (1st Place)

2020 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards (Branded Entertainment)

2019 Wyndham Business Awards

Dene Menzel is a multi-award winning Australian entrepreneur musician, composer, arranger, speaker, and author. Following a 10 year career running a successful performing arts company and three reputable pop choirs in Melbourne, Dene published her first book, The Voice Factor, a ‘how to sing’ book compressed in 5 easy steps. which became a #1 Best Seller in 4 categories on Amazon in the US and Australia. Since her book success in 2013, Dene has created a number of projects to share her love of music with the world. 


Her 2016 rewrite of Waltzing Matilda led by Australia’s own Kate Ceberano, and backed by 200 singers from over 20 countries for International Peace Day, reached over 30K views across social media and a #1 spot on the iTunes charts.


More recently, Dene is also Founder and Creative Director of award winning music branding agency Branthem which specialises in composing signature anthems for forward thinking brands, as well as turning businesses into bands for a day in a dynamic music team building experience called Brand Jam.

Curious to see if we can help you take your brand and marketing to the next level? 

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