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Music Team Building. Teamwork at its best

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Better communication.
Stronger relationships.

Are you losing valuable customers because of poor communications? Are workplace politics conflicts your workplace culture 


Dene Menzel, Founder of Brand Jam has joined forces with Systems & Processes expert coach Michael Fox to into key themes of Operational  to make implementing some experience not only fun, but purposeful to you and your team operational performance.

We have made systems and processes sexy  by connected the collaborative elements of a 'jam' session, with the clarity to create stronger relationships through better process, into a unique purposeful and engaging team-building experience.


We call it 'Action Jam'.

Dene Menzel and Cameron Shepherd join forces for Communication Team Jams to dive into key themes relevant to today's growing organisations.

Why a Communication Jam?

Your Jam Your Theme
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What is a Communication Jam?

Set aside half a day at your next training or conference day for this purposeful 4hr jam experience brought to you by Dene Menzel of Brand Jam and Michael Fox from Action Advisory.


Your experience begins with a deep dive into strategic themes relevant and important to your organisational challenges and goals.

From data gathered during your welcome coaching session, your group then works in collaboration with the help of our music and songwriting team to translate key messages into a lyric and music. The output is a powerful anthem that is learned and performed together for deeper personal connection.

Cap off the experience with a coaching de-brief to tie everything together and your team come out of the other side of this jam with a deep personal connection to your brand goals and strategy as well as a united sense of clarity, purpose, energy and readiness to tackle what lies ahead.

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Culture & Communication

Create an environment that fosters clarity, trust, and understanding among your team members, leading to improved collaboration, productivity, and innovation

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Diversity and Inclusion

Nurture a sense of belonging, motivation, and loyalty among your people, resulting in higher job satisfaction, lower turnover rates, and better overall performance

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Effective Leadership

Inspire and motivate your people through a clear vision, direction, and strategy, resulting in better decision-making, goal attainment, and long-term success

Please read our FAQ to learn more, or contact the team at Transformation Jam to find out how we can make your Jam an unforgettable experience for you and your team.

Transformation Jam Themes

Meet your Hosts

Dene Menzel and Cameron Shepherd met in 2021 during the height of covid lockdowns, during a chance meeting at an online networking meeting. From their first conversation, they knew they just had to join forces to bring the magic of music and the nurturing coaching approach to transformational change - to help organisations navigate successfully through this new landscape.

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Dene Menzel

Founder, Branthem & Brand Jam

Hi, I'm Dene Menzel and music has been my life. Over my 30+ year career, I've been a voice coach, a choir director, a lead singer, a songwriter, and a #1 Best Selling Author. Over my musical journey, I've been so humbled to win industry awards in these areas, as well as be able to work work with some incredible talent in the industry including Australia's Kate Ceberano and the Australian Girls Choir.

More recently, I am the founder and Creative Director of  Branthem, a brand engagement agency, specialising in connecting brands to their audiences with their own signature anthems, and turning businesses into bands for a day through my dynamic team building experience Brand Jam.


I'm so excited to team up with the phenomenal energy of Sashua Benay to bring Transformation Jams to you for a most uplifting and purposeful experience your team will remember for years to come!

Dene Menzel is a multi-award winning musicpreneur with over 35 years experience in music, music branding and music team building.


Cameron Shepherd

Managing Director, Action Advisory

Hi, my name is Sashua Benay and my life has been inspiring others in Conscious Living and Leadership. With 12 years’ experience in Corporate Human Resources plus 18 years since then in Transformation Mindset Coaching & Facilitation, I am also a Blockage Release Specialist, Intuitive Mentor, #1 Best Selling Author and Keynote Speaker.


I empower Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Teams to find fulfilment and connection in Life & Business for optimum success beyond the traditional measures of professional development.

This is offered through a unique combination of group, self-paced & 1 to 1 coaching programs and team facilitation using my signature Beyond Mindset Methodologies.


I believe that life is to be lived passionately with meaning and purpose for us all to co-create a better world. Joining with the dynamic Dene Menzel for HeartBeat Team Jams cultivates an experience of expansion and connection creating an everlasting impact of new pathways to clarity, alignment and success for all!

Cameron Shepherd has had 15 years experience working in Human Resources and Leadership Development as a facilitator, mediator and coach. His strength is helping teams and individuals utilise tension and conflict to achieve greater levels of connection and performance.

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How healthy is your team? Take the Quiz

Do your people go the extra mile? Are your customers satisfied? Does your team feel highly driven, motivated and engaged? As managers, these are key questions that deserve attention and time so that you and your team can soar towards succcess.


Take 1 minute out of your day to complete this  Team Engagement check in created by Sashua Benay, Transformation Coach to help you identify these key areas as well as some free tips to help you strengthen your team. 

For more event information including a free no-obligation quote for your business, contact our team today.

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Looking for better communication across your team?

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