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Music Team Building. Teamwork at its best

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Fostering courageous leadership and thriving teams 

We help create courageous leaders and thriving teams.  We do this by supporting your leaders and teams to tackle the big challenges organisations face in the 21st century: Constant change, stress and burnout, toxic culture, and workforce disengagement - to name just a few.


We have connected the collaborative elements of a 'jam' session, with learning opportunities to support your organisation to the courage to lead effectively in challenging times building courage and resilience and commitment to a shared purpose. 

We call it ‘Leadership Jam'.

Whether you want to build a cohesive and high-functioning leadership team, or build trust and connection between your leaders and the people they lead, the Leadership Jam is designed to deliver a shared sense of purpose, effective collaboration and the resilience to tackle whatever challenges your organisation needs to tackle.


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Dene Menzel and Maria join forces for Leadership Jams and dive into key leadership themes relevant to today's challenging environment.

Why a Leadership Jam?

Your Jam Your Theme
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What is a Leadership Jam?

Set aside half a day at your next training or conference day for this purposeful 4hr jam experience brought to you by Dene Menzel of Brand Jam and Leadership and Organisational Development Expert, Maria Brett.


Your experience begins with a deep dive into the leadership theme that is most relevant and important to your current organisational challenges and goals.

From feedback gathered during a leadership workship on your selected leadership theme, your group then works with our music and songwriting team to translate key messages emerging from the workship into lyrics and music. The output will be a powerful anthem that is learned and performed together to create deep personal connections and a shared commitment to your purpose and goals.

We then wrap up the experience with a group planning session to explore how the learning and inspiration can be applied to tackle your challenges and move forward with clarity, purpose, energy and commitment.

Your Jam. Your Theme.

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It takes courage to lead in the 21st century – Explore how leaders and teams can work together to tackle their biggest challenges together

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Empower people to thrive and do their best work by creating a caring workplace that supports mental and health and wellbeing 

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Create a healthy culture that values people – You will be rewarded with great engagement and commitment to your organisation’s purpose 

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Nurture a sense of belonging and loyalty amongst your members to increase member growth – A theme designed for member organisations 

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Clarify your vision and strategy and improve alignment with your purpose to achieve your organisational goals to create meaningful impact 

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Create relationships based on empathy and trust, and build a positive and productive workplace, with emotionally intelligent leaders and teams

Please read our FAQ to learn more, or contact the team at Transformation Jam to find out how we can make your Jam an unforgettable experience for you and your team.

Transformation Jam Themes

Meet your Hosts

Dene Menzel and Maria Brett met in 2022 at a Melbourne networking event. Both at the time wanting to create purposeful impact in the corporate sector, from their first conversation, they knew they just had to join forces to bring the magic of music and corporate leadership - to help organisations navigate successfully through this new landscape.

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Dene Menzel

Founder, Branthem & Brand Jam

Hi, I'm Dene Menzel and music has been my life. Over my 30+ year career, I've been a voice coach, a choir director, a lead singer, a songwriter, and a #1 Best Selling Author. Over my musical journey, I've been so humbled to win industry awards in these areas, as well as be able to work work with some incredible talent in the industry including Australia's Kate Ceberano and the Australian Girls Choir.

More recently, I am the founder and Creative Director of  Branthem, a brand engagement agency, specialising in connecting brands to their audiences with their own signature anthems, and turning businesses into bands for a day through my dynamic team building experience Brand Jam.


I'm very excited to team up with Maria Brett and to offer my clients the benefits of Maria’s substantial experience as a leader. Together, we will bring you Leadership Jams that will help you to create courageous leaders and thriving teams. 

Dene Menzel is a multi-award winning musicpreneur with over 35 years experience in music, music branding and music team building.

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Maria Brett

Managing Director, Action Advisory

Hi, I’m Maria Brett and I’m inspired by the opportunity to help leaders and teams to find and work at their growing edge, and to follow their unique growth journeys.  I am optimistic about making a difference to the people I work with, and helping them increase their impact in the world. 

At the age of 28, after a major life upheaval, I went in search of meaning. This took me to mediation and a 25-year exploration of mindfulness. I went on to campaign for causes close to my heart - the environment and human rights - and to work as a mental health professional and a CEO, becoming an influential leader in the non-profit sector for more than 20 years. Most recently, I was CEO of a Professional Association where I achieved substantial growth and built a purpose-driven culture based on ethics, resilience and service.

I have integrated a lifetime of learning about mindfulness, resilience and leadership, and my own personal growth journey, to design programs to help leaders and teams to grow, both personally and professionally.

Maria Brett is a leadership and organisational development expert who creates courageous leaders, thriving teams and purposeful organisations. With more than 20 years’ experience leading non-profit organisations, and a background in psychotherapy, Maria is uniquely skilled to help leaders and teams to grow, both personally and professionally.

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How courageously are you as a leader? Take the Survey

Do you have a stack of challenges to tackle in your leadership role? Would you like to increase your confidence and skills and have a greater impact as a leader? It takes courage to lead in the 21st century. Courageous leaders start by leading themselves, so they can lead people effectively, and take action to achieve their organisation’s goals.

Take 2 minutes out of your day to complete the Courageous Leadership Survey created by Maria Brett, Leadership Expert. The Survey will help you identify your greatest strengths as a leader, and the areas where you need to develop in order create real impact for your organisation.

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For more event information including a free no-obligation quote for your business, contact our team today.

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Looking to help your team thrive?

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