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Connecting 20+ countries for global peace

The World 4 Peace Project
Branthem Giveback Case Study

The Background

This project was inspired by my daughter, Mackinlay – I was dismayed by the constant barrage of negativity in world events and I was inspired to create a branthem that created a positive message that could cross barriers of age, gender, race and religion for a common message. We didn’t know who would come on board, but we knew we had an important message to share, and that we wanted to ensure that the message was about hope, peace and the dream of a better world for our children and their children.

The Project

Waltzing Matilda, at the time in the pubic domain was the perfect choice to revamp as it has always been Australia’s unofficial national anthem, and rallies together Australians from all walks of life, so we thought that it would be the perfect platform to rally together countries. Through a global casting call we found people as far flung as Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Israel, South Africa and Uzbekistan who wanted to get involved. With smart phone technology and the Internet we used our sister company, Choir In The Cloud to create a global ‘virtual choir’. We were so honoured when the Kate Ceberano jumped on board – she’s such a great advocate for human rights and world peace.. To also have Britain’s Got Talent finalists Gospel Singers Incognito as special guest voices on this track was incredibly humbling.

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"Waltzing Matilda" © 201 D.Menzel (Branthem) for The World 4 Peace Project

The Result

The official music video of World 4 Peace (W4P) Projectfeaturing Kate Ceberano AM and a 200 strong virtual choir representing 24 countries launched on International Day of Peace 2016 on social media, the official video reaching over 27,000 views globally on social media. The song, available on Apple Music continues to proudly supporting UNICEF Australia.

Curious to see if a Branthem is the right strategy for you? 

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