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Helping Women In Transport Live The Dream

Transport Women Australia 
 Case Study

The Background

We met Jacquelene Brotherton, Chair of Transport Women Australia Ltd in October 2019. A growing not-for-profit just celebrating 20 years, TWAL's vision was to provide a support for women of all ages entering the transport and logistics industry across trucking, rail, aviation and shipping. Their re-brand launched at their gala was where we were hired to video their awards dinner in Melbourne to celebrate 20 years since the organised was founded. Fast-forward to post-covid and TWAL had a goal of increasing both its sponsorship and membership and having trusted us with their video campaign, knowing we did signature anthems, they wanted to lift their brand visibilty and recognition. 

The Project

The project involved understanding not only the terminology and language used in the transport industry but to be women-focussed with a messaging that could resonate with both sponsors and potential members.

And so with much research, we came up with "Living The Dream", a pumping soundtrack with earthy bluegrass feels, full of heart and ambition to match the women who drive this amazing sector in their industry.

With a sonic style guide also incorporating elements across the transport industry to bring their logo to life, Living The Dream has breathed new life into the future of this exciting brand.

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LIVING THE DREAM "Living The Dream" © 2022 D.Menzel (Branthem) for Transport Women Australia Ltd

The Result

'Living The Dream' pre-launched on the 6th December 2022, and received 100% positive engagement from the campaign. The track was added to Australian Trucking Radio and has inspired the 2024 conference to be named the "Living The Dream Conference". In addition, TWAL has tripled their sponsorship, exceeding their goal deadline for 2023.  In addition to the song featuring at all their future events TWAL has now released Living The Dream on Spotify and all digital music platforms” and is set to achieve their own dream of supporting as many women in transport as they can.

Curious to see if a Branthem is the right strategy for you? 

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