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Giving people the gift of a second chance

The Proven Group
Branthem Case Study

The Background

Bernadette Turley is no ordinary resume and recruitment consultant. Anyone who meets her, meets 'Bernie' - straight down the line, no bullshite person with a heart as big as the ocean. And so when she told us she helps people write resumes, before we started talking to her, we actually thought: How are we going to tackle this one?

Resume writing is not the most glamorous of industries, but as soon as we sat down with Bernie and she talked about her business, and her target audience, we just knew she had to have a Branthem.

The Proven Group is a multi-award winning resume service - the only awards winning service in Australia, and because of that, there was so much potential to showcase a Branthem on many platforms.

The Project

So, for this project, it was important to find a commonality between the various people that The Proven Group helps, and in conversation with Bernie, it became clear that what she does in fact, is giving people a second chance at a career and at life. So that was the message that we created for The Proven Group - "Second Chances".

In 2019, The Proven Group won the Mayoral Award at the Wyndham City Council Business Awards, and 600 businesses heard "Second Chances" as Bernie went up to collect her award.



"Second Chances" © 2018 D.Menzel (Branthem) for The Proven Group

The Result

At 7:10am after a few quiet words from the event MC, we took to the stage armed with adrenalin, and an unwavering commitment to raise the roof on this event. And, that is exactly what we did - the audience was in the palm of our hands - they giggled at the right moments, clinked their glasses with their forks when we prompted them to, and we got the huge applause which confirmed to us that the risk we took was worth it. With various references by key speakers throughout the event back to our performance, and incredible feedback, we knew that in just 4 mins, we had done something that had never been done before for BNI - we had just raised the bar.

Curious to see if a Branthem is the right strategy for you? 

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