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Healing through sound and Heart Magic

The Heart N Soul Hub
Branthem Case Study

The Background

Kylie Fryer is an entrepreneur with a unique gift of being able to heal people without even being the room. Through her own journey of self healing she found inspiration to bring the same healing - through distance - to other women - to help them find their unique purpose and become aligned to their deepest desires. 

The Project

Kylie needed not just a promotional Branthem, but also a Healing Loop - a meditative version of her Branthem that she could use in her floating meditations with clients - Imagine floating in a pool while hearing the most beautiful calming music - well that was our task at hand.


We knew that we had to bring something special to Kylie's Branthem - not just in messaging but in frequency - with an ability to amplify the healing energy that Kylie was bringing to this unique offering. And so, we incorporated some subliminal tones including the 528HZ Solfeggio frequency (also known as the Miracle Tone) which has been used since ancient civilizations to manifest health, healing and longevity - and an Alpha binaural beat to encourage relaxation, promote positivity and decrease anxiety. 

The promotional Branthem titled "Heart Magic" focused on the journey from being lost to finding one's heart magic, to speak to the heart of those diamonds in the rough.

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 6.59.20 pm.png


'Heart Magic" © 2021 D.Menzel (Branthem) for The Heart N Soul Hub

The Result

Heart Magic was a first for us on so many levels. It was not only our first frequency embedded Branthem of this style with a meditative loop incorporating subliminal tones. But it was also the first remote production we did while Melbourne was in lockdown during covid-19.


While we had our challenges to produce this track remotely in the middle of a global pandemic, it was exactly what the doctor ordered to lift our energy which had at a State business level, been depleted for many months.


If the good-feels that we felt producing this track was any indication of the energy this song can create, we can definitely vouch that the healing benefits of the 528HZ frequency is no myth.

Kylie is now using her Branthem on her new website to voice her brand, with her floating caves sessions soon to open to the public.

Curious to see if a Branthem is the right strategy for you? 

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