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It has to be better than One Direction

Follow Your Dreams Competitions
Branthem Case Study

The Background

We met Kylie Drew, owner and director of FYD Competitions in October 2017. An established Dance Competition Event in business for 24 years, FYD events attract hundreds of dance schools each year at her Australian competitions as well as her overseas competition tour that FYD takes all over the world. Being a music based event Kylie had opted for songs by #1 Chart Topping artists such as UK boy band “One Direction” or RNB sensation “Justin Timberlake” as a dynamic finale to past events but had deep down always held a bigger vision of the FYD brand having its own signature song.

The Project

With a 2 month deadline, we not only had a short timeframe to compose this track, create the demo and get it produced, but also, to surpass the benchmark of “It has to be as good as or better than One Directon” and JT. So, for us – besides being a catchy track, we had to get into the heads of these young performers and understand the message that would resonate with them best. And so we created “Believe It Be It”, a song to motivate, inspire and remind all FYD performers that with self belief, they can achieve their dreams.

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"Believe It Be It" © 2018 D.Menzel (Branthem) for Follow Your Dreams Competitions

The Result

Believe It Be It launched on the 8th January 2018, with our featured singer Seth Drury performing it live on stage with 150 FYD dancers behind him and received huge applause from the event audience. The response to the song surpassed expectations with parents remarking at the event, “My daughter just loves this song” “Our whole family can’t get this song out of our heads, it’s so catchy”. In addition to the song featuring at all their future events FYD will also be releasing a music video for this track, and has also released it on iTunes”.

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