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What's the Couch Dive?

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A Michigan man made a shocking discovery inside a couch he purchased from a thrift store for just $35 -  an extra $43,000. After weeks of using the sofa he noticed there was something uncomfortable about it and was curious to find out the reason. Indeed when his wife opened one of the pillows, inside she found bundles of money. True story.

While you might find scrummage and find loose change in your own couch and maybe a used lolly wrapper from the kids, the moral of the story is that you never know what opportunities lie within your own business until you are curious enough to take a peek.


We take a deep dive into the connective elements of your brand - who your target audience is, right through to your point of difference plus we find those valuable untapped marketing touchpoints and strategies that you haven't explored yet, but which could return more leads and sales to your business. We call it The Couch Dive

When was the last time you invested time to understand what makes your customers tick? Or into the messaging that will resonate with them? 

Curious to see if a Couch Dive is the right next step for you? 

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