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Brand Jam.
We're looking for coaching partners.

Calling all rockstar coaches with
corporate training expertise

We're looking for some great corporate coaches to partner with for our Brand Jam events. 

Ideally we are looking for highly qualified trainers

with effective engagement methods, able to speak confidently to a group of people and help set a purposeful tone and wrap up a great team building exercise based on a leadership or team related theme. 

Ideally you will have:

  • An active Australian Business Number

  • Qualifications and experience in your area of expertise

  • Great communication skills and an ability to engage a group

  • Flexibility to facilitate events in person or virtually

  • Time management skills as all our events run on a tight schedule

  • Management skills - you'll be helping lead this group to a successful result

  • An established follow on course or program in line with the theme or subject

Dene Menzel Creator of Brand Jam tells us about why she created Brand Jam and how the scientific benefits of music can help your team.

You handle the coaching.
We handle the fun.


We try to make this as easy and straight forward so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

If we accept your application, you'll be provided with:

  • A brief onboarding webpage with further info so you can get an idea of how the events run and where you can upload your profile info 

  • Visilibilty as one of our trusted partners on our website and event brief

  • A running sheet well ahead of any event you're hosting to brief you on venue/virtual event details, set up times, duration.

  • All client communications will be done by our admin team so you really just need to turn up and host

  • A wrap-up sheet so you can let us know how it all went

  • A negotiated payment for your time, and an opportunity to work with client post-event

Sound good to you? Apply now

Branthem logo white.png

People don't leave
jobs - 
They leave toxic
work cultures!

Dr. Amina Aisti-Selmi

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