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Capturing the wolf in 40 seconds

Back On Track Fitness
Branthem Case Study

The Background

We met Brydon Coles in early 2017. His vision to create a fitness studio with a difference had recently undergone a complete rebrand overhaul, and the result, a fresh new visual branding capturing elements of fun and community in addition to the staple traditional fitness.

The Project

With a new wolf pack philosophy howling out from his visual brand we set out to create a branthem that resonated with his target audience – 30-50 year old working professionals, mums and dads. We chose a heavy rock genre for Back On Track, to resonate with this demographic however it was the lyric which was what tied it all together. Understanding the wolf pack philosophy and knowing that each of these Back On Track members were all going to look out for each other, it was important to really accent the sense of togetherness and community.

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"Together We Run" © 2018 D.Menzel (Branthem) for Back On Track Fitness

The Result

Together we run, lyrically came about very quickly, because the visual branding was strong, but the culture that Brydon has created at Back On Track Fitness is equally strong. Their branthem has branded numerous video testimonials, as well as their new Facebook banner video. Brydon also has also used his branthem in business presentations and has further opportunity to utilise in educational videos, on his website, at speaking events - even as part of his motivational playlist in his venue.

Curious to see if a Branthem is the right strategy for you? 

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