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Creating the music of your brand

Why would you need your own brand song?

If you've ever attended a live music concert, remembered a catchy jingle from your childhood days, or sung your favourite football club song at the top of your lungs, you'll immediately recognise that music has the power to connect with people on a deep and emotive level, to stick in their memories and turn them in to raving fans.


With over 90% of the world's population actively listening to music, it makes sense for music to be an important part of any successful brand marketing strategy.


The way we see it, branding - and marketing - is about connecting brand to peopleCreate that deeper connection successfully, and you can create more loyal customers, a more cohesive, energised and engaged team of people working for you - and a long lasting brand identity you can be proud of.

We are a multi-award winning boutique agency, specialising in Authentic Brand Engagement with a focus on bridging the connective gap between Brand to Customer - and Brand to Employees.

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How can we help

How can we help you amplify your brand?

With an ecosystem of specialists across music and video production, brand design, and corporate events with proven results, Branthem is dedicated to a sustainable reputation of producing excellence, ensuring client satisfaction and most importantly, an ability to create a product that generates the desired outcome.


Brand Memorability

Is your business visibility getting lost in a noisy market? Are you looking for new ways to be visible and heard in your industry? Having your own brand music is a strategic way you can be remembered across your brand touchpoints including video, events, phone hold music, podcast and more.

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Team Engagement

Looking for more engagement, energy and human connection across your organisation?​ Why not turn your team into a band for a day to connect them through the fun and collaboration of music?


Professional Image

If you have a brand that you are proud of you want to use content that reflects the level of professionalism in your business rather than using DIY phone content

Don't just take our word for it.  See and listen to some of our work and read what our clients said about what we created for their brand.

Branthem logo white.png

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