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Music that creates fans for life.

Branthem. Brand Anthem

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As opposed to a cheesy jingle, we write contemporary Spotify-worthy anthems relevant to your target market

We believe music has the power to connect on a much deeper level with your audience. All you need to do is whisper a tune and your listeners block everything else out just to hear you.


We create a unique musical identity - a signature voice for your brand to cut through content noise, and make you more visible, relevant and memorable to your audience.

We call it your 'Branthem' - your brand anthem.

One song. Multiple platforms.

We understand that one four minute song is not really going to give you much flexibility in your marketing and that is why we design all our client Branthems with multiple platforms in mind.

Whether you need a ten second sting for your podcast, a voiceover message for your office system, or the perfect soundtrack to lift your Facebook video campaign, a Branthem strategy comes with a complete sonic style guide to ensure your brand remains cohesive, relevant and memorable across all your channels - even if you rebrand.

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Social Media Video

Personalise the music on your promotional, educational and testimonial videos on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for brand consistency

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Stand out and create a dynamic and catchy advertising campaign for radio, television or cinema that audiences will remember

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Phone Hold Music

Keep your customers engaged and thinking of your brand while they're on hold

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Mobile Ringtone

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Create an event with impact that will leave your guests gushing all over social media

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Website and Apps

Bring the sensory experience to your website and app visitors with sound 

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Awards Nights

Make sure the whole room knows who the winner is when you walk up to collect your award

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Ditch the boring slides for a dynamic presentation with wow factor

Curious to see if a Branthem is the right strategy for you? 

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